Adoption, RAD and Soul Response Mechanisms – Part Two

Negative Soul Response Mechanisms:


         Hi all. I’m Laurie and I created this post to help the foster and adoptive families who have RAD adopted children. RAD stands for Reactive Attachment Disorder. I have written many posts on the subject and encourage you to check them out.

My Last post was part one in this series of posts about Soul Response Mechanisms. Please take a look at part one because it will help you understand the definitions of the mechanisms. It will also help you understand where I’m going with this post.

Today I am going to talk about how I have seen the Lord heal these soul response mechanisms. Like I said in my last post – some of the mechanisms can be positive or negative, some are only negative and all can be generational curses. I just know the Lord is in the business of healing and He includes healing negative soul response mechanisms.


List of Soul Response Mechanisms: (Please look at my last post for the definitions)

  1. Triggers
  2. Devices
  3. Labels
  4. Scars
  5. Chains
  6. Yokes
  7. Mantles
  8. Imprints
  9. Title


Negative vs. Positive Soul Response Mechanisms:

I am only going to focus on healing the NEGATIVE soul response mechanisms in this post. They are the result of a relationship wound caused by someone in the person’s lifetime or passed down as a generational curse. Generational curses are the result of verbal cursing and/or un-repented sin.

If a person experiences positive verbal blessing and sin is repented for – the opposite happens and a positive response mechanism forms. The results is a generational blessing. This is the heart of the Trinity – for all of us to be bless so we can fulfill our destinies. The Bible gave many examples of positive verbal blessings and repenting of sin which resulted in positive triggers, devices, labels, scars, chains (positive bonding to God in relationship), yokes (to the Trinity as our teacher), mantles, imprints and titles.


Examples of Healings of Negative Soul Response Mechanism:

  1. Trigger – God has taken the negative triggers off so their soul would not react any more.
  2. Scar – God has healed the wound, removed the infection and sometimes removed the scare.
  3. Imprint – God has removed the negative imprint and put His own loving imprint instead.
  4. Devices – God has detached the negative device and they were free to have a positive device. (Example: A tendency towards being joyful)
  5. Labels – the sign was removed from their neck and the Lord gave them a new name.
  6. Chains – were removed and they were positively connected to the Trinity in a healthy relationship.
  7. Yoke – the yoke of slavery was removed and they were positively yoked to Jesus as their friend and teacher.
  8. Mantles – generational mantle curses were renounced and removed and God gave them a new positive mantle of identity.
  9. Titles – the curse of a generational title was renounced and God gave them a new title.



          Positivity is part of God’s Kingdom. God will always bring us into a new beginning and perspective of understanding. We just have to stop thinking He is the one to blame. Satan – from the Garden of Eden to now – has deceived mankind into thinking God is holding out when the exact opposite is true. God is always for us. He is our provider, protector and gives identity. Satan is in the wrong so don’t be fooled and fall for his tricks.

Please think about what I have said in these two posts and go for the positive and your healing. If you related to any of these negative soul response mechanisms please give me a call. I would love to help you. My name is Laurie and I can be reached at Tell the secretary you want a session with me and she will help you.

Thanks for listening. Please leave a comment in the box below. Until next week…