Finding Healing for Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Finding Healing for (RAD):



I am Laurie and my destiny is to help parents of children with behavioral, foster and adoptive issues. It is what this blog is about. Please take some time and read some of my posts. They will be helpful.

My last post was about the difference between being a parent and a martyr. I talked about some clear lines between the two. I encourage you to read it.

Today I am going to talk about healing RAD. We are discovering some pretty awesome stuff and are seeing healing in the clients we are helping. So, I want to tell you about where we are located and how to get ahold of us.


Who are we?

         I am a Life Coach and my name is Laurie. I work in a facility called The Unleashed Healing Center. We do several forms of life coaching and inner healing. I do all the forms of life coaching and inner healing but my specialty is with parents of behavioral, foster and adoptive children.

In this specialty I have a ministry call Abba Father’s Love and it is a ministry of the Unleashed Healing Center. We are in the same building. Children clients are directed to me when parents call in for an appointment for their child.


Our Location:

The Unleashed Healing Center

845 Woodfield Court

Boardman, Ohio 44512


How to Connect:

330-965-6000 (ask for Laurie)

What We Do:

We are seeing breakthroughs for the adopted RAD children clients. We help the parents heal too.

Much of the healing has to do with:

  1. Getting the RAD children to talk about their behaviors
  2. Dealing with generational issues
  3. Helping their hearts heal
  4. Helping them deal with the emotional trauma issues
  5. Doing family sessions
  6. Life coaching the RAD children on how to trust and love
  7. Life coaching the parents
  8. Helping the parents heal


What’s Happening:

Many breakthroughs are happening with our RAD clients. We are seeing:

  1. Broken hearts put back together
  2. Steps towards learning to trust
  3. Learning to love
  4. Connecting to others
  5. Acceptance of responsibility for how they have hurt others
  6. Communication of how they have been hurt
  7. Looking at the pain in their lives
  8. Healing the pain
  9. Allowing God in to protect them
  10. Seeing their birth parents through eyes of reality
  11. Learning the difference between boundaries and walls
  12. Learning there are those who can’t be trusted and are dangerous
  13. Choosing to change the RAD behaviors for behaviors that are appropriate and promote bonding
  14. Forgiveness towards the birth parents and their choices which have affected our clients lives negatively


Our Delight:

         It has been our delight to see the RAD children we are helping receive healing. Wendy (the lady that helps me in the sessions) and I are always amazed at the new discoveries we find with each client. It has been an incredible process and an honor get to know these children. Healing wonderfully changes the behaviors of these very hurt children. It is fun to see the real person (who is hiding inside them) revealed.



         So, now you know more about us and we would like to know more about you. Think about what I shared above because maybe we can help you and your RAD child. Please leave a comment in the comment box or contact me at

I will be here to talk about more subjects next week. Hope you have a blessed week. Until then…