What Power is Behind You vs. RAD? – Part Four

Seven Fold Holy Spirit – Part Four Conclusion


This blog is about helping the adoptive and foster families navigate through adoption issues of  Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). I have written on RAD issues in several of my posts. Please take the time to check them out.

My last three posts were about Holy Spirit and His help in our times of need. The first post of this series was specifically on Wisdom. In the second post of this series, I broke the other six parts of the seven fold Holy Spirit down and gave several scriptures relating to each part. In the third part of this series, I started to give application of each part and how you could ask each part of the Holy Spirit to help you.

Today I’ll finish talking about the last three parts of the seven fold Holy Spirit and bring everything to a conclusion concerning “What power is behind you vs. RAD?”


The Spirit of Might:

 You receive power from on high when the Holy Spirit comes on you. (Acts 1:8) This scripture shows a perfect picture of how Holy Spirit works with mankind. God hasn’t left us alone to solve our problems with our own feeble power. In Rom. 8:11 and Rom. 15:13 God tells us that the same Spirit that was on Jesus is in us and the Holy Spirit gives us power (might), hope, joy and peace.


Before I went through all that I did with our RAD daughters, I had the mentality that what I did in my own strength was good enough and would accomplish so many things. And yes our own strength can do some. But when I encountered RAD, I was knocked on my butt. Love was supposed to be the power that broke through everything. It just wasn’t my love that could do it.

Ask the Spirit of Might to break through your child’s stony heart. Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit have all the answers. They want to come through for you and your child.  Learn to include them in everything you are doing with your adopted child. It is a process of learning about the Trinity and building a relationship with them. Besides, who doesn’t want might, hope, joy and peace when facing the symptoms of RAD?


 The Spirit of Knowledge:

 The Spirit of Knowledge will guard you and you’re to preserve Knowledge in your heart and choose Him over gold. Wise men store up Knowledge and through Knowledge the righteous escape. Knowledge comes easily to the discerning and the prudent are crowned with Knowledge. The lips of the wise spread Knowledge and the lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel. Through Knowledge the rooms in a house are filled with rare and beautiful things.


The scriptures on knowledge which speak the most to me are the ones on lips and our house being filled with beautiful things. Our words are life and death and God gives us an opportunity to partner with knowledge to impart words of life into our love ones. That is what makes a home full of beautiful things. Ask Knowledge to come into your discussions. He knows how to fill your mouth with words that will make a difference to your child’s heart.


The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord:

 The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. He teaches us wisdom, gives us life, is a fountain of life, and turns us from the snares of death. Humility and the Fear of the Lord bring wealth, honor and life. A man avoids evil through the Fear of the Lord.


If we are to learn anything from wisdom we have to learn from the Fear of the Lord about wisdom. That should be our focus and prayer. Take time to include Holy Spirit’s Fear of the Lord into your situations too. Ask Father God to teach and impart to you all seven parts of the Holy Spirit. He will show you how to implement them into every day life.



God has a protocol that we are to follow. Not for the sake of controlling us but for learning from tutors and guardians (please refer to the scripture in Gal.4:1-2). Holy Spirit will teach us (as our tutor and  guardian) how to navigate this world and develop our relationships. This is a prime example of gaining all the resources we need to succeed in parenting.


Holy Spirit will impart Himself as the Spirit of the Lord, wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, might, and the fear of the Lord. So, take the time to get to know the seven fold Holy Spirit and let Him guide you. God wants us to experience the “deep calling unto deep.” Here it is – grab ahold and learn from the best tutors and guardians we could ever have!! Holy Spirit is the power behind us vs. RAD!!

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