2 Steps Back – Identities

For the sake of protecting the identities of my adopted girls I am going to tell you my name, which is Laurie, but not the true names of my adopted daughter’s. I want to honor their privacy so I will call our children the first adopted daughter and our second adopted daughter.

3 Makes the Quiver Full (continuation of 1st article)

Two years later my  husband and I are on the plane for Thailand along with our oldest daughter (biological) who is now around ten years old. We agreed to adopt another little girl who is around 20 months old. This trip is very difficult because this new little girl (our second adopted girl)  is intensely upset almost the whole time we are there. Understandably so because she is loosing everything she knows.  We schedule an extra meeting with the agency because we are suspicious that there’s some severe special needs concerning this new little one. The agency assures us she is perfectly fine and all her neurological tests are normal. According to those findings we bring her home.


This little one was puzzling and amazingly strong. In Thailand they told us even before 20 months old, she was climbing trees. In our house she loved to re-arranging our furniture especially our couch. We had to watch her closely with animals because she didn’t seem to begin to know how to be gentle in any fashion of the word. Over the years she destroyed many things including taking scissors to our couch and ripping her toys apart even though she knew better. Look out animals and insects even at an appropriate age level of understanding.


Come back next week as I continue with our story…