Adoption, RAD and Special Needs Part One:

Adoption, RAD and Special Needs:


 This blog is about helping foster and adoptive families that have RAD children. It is my heart to give encouragement to adoptive parents that are finding adoption and RAD issues difficult and overwhelming. Please take a moment to read some of my other posts.

My last post was titled “Why are RAD Adopted Children Attracted to Witchcraft?” (Please have a look) It has everything to do with a vow(s) they have made in their hearts.

Today I am going off the beaten path to talk on a subject that is becoming near and dear to my heart. The subject is special needs. There will be two posts on this topic.


Special Needs and Inspirational Websites:

 It has been my good pleasure to start a support group for adoptive families and families with special needs children. Many times the two are combined. I  love to hear the parents talk, pray, and encourage each other. I also provide speakers who address the needs of important adoption and special need issues the parents are facing.

For the sake of this post I am focusing on some web sites that I have found encouraging to the families of special needs children whether adopted or biological.


  1. – It was started by Kara Ferris and this site gives inspirational stories about special needs children and the battles they have overcome. Kara has a blog on this site and her posts are very encouraging. There are also videos and many other resources. I watched a video about an autistic girl who was taught to use the computer to communicate. When she became affluent on the computer – her parents asked why she regularly flew into a rage. She typed that she feels very hot or feels like bugs are crawling all over her. Throwing herself on the floor, rolling and screaming is the only way she knows how to deal with it. Now she has her own blog in which parents from all over the world ask her for answers to their questions. What a ministry!
  2. – This site has resources, family retreats, encouraging posts from Joni E. Tata, a children’s section for special needs kids, and so much more. You have to go to this site to experience it fully. Joni and Friends partners with families and organizations in order to connect them to local ministries and speakers from all over the US….I was able to connect with the Ohio representative from Joni and Friends and she came and spoke at my support group. She was a very informative and I connected her to a local school that has a special needs department. What a good fit. The Ohio representative brought resources the school is going to use to educate the main stream student body about the special needs student body (for better comradery). She also directed us to a local ministry which educates the special needs student in translating into society after high school. It was a win-win for all concerned.



        I have a few more web sites to share with you in next week’s post. I hope the above sites lift your spirits just as they have lifted mine. It is so important to find solutions for the difficulties we are facing and the web sites I’m sharing in these two posts do have many answers. If anything, these web sites communicate hope and education to parents all across the US.

    This is all for today. I hope you find them helpful!! Thanks for listening. Please leave a comment below because I would love to hear from you. Until next week….