Four Landing Strips and Adoption issues

Four Landing Strips…


 For those who are just joining this post let me explain the purpose of this blog:

 My husband and I adopted two girls from Thailand. We were told about RAD and the adoption agency simply said, “If your girls were in foster care – you had nothing to be concerned about.” Well, this proved to be completely incorrect information and both girls have RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). We have learned they had RAD before we even applied for their adoption. RAD occurs at the time the birth mother gives the child up and the child (at only days old) decides not to bond to anyone. They choose to not let anyone close to their heart to hurt them ever again. This causes major bonding issues for the child and wreaks havoc in an adoptive home.

I’ve talked extensively about RAD in previous post including a symptom list and how our girls manifested the symptoms. (The symptom list is from Dr. Keck’s book titled, “Parenting the Hurt Child”). Please have a look.

Now I’m in the midst of sharing healing tools which adoptive parents can use to heal their wounded and disillusioned hearts caused from the pain and rejection radiating from your RAD adopted child. The point is – if you can get healed then you can help your adopted child heal too. RAD abuse from your adopted child is hard enough to live with let alone if your heart is already rejected and hurting as a result of other destructive relationship(s) or your own issues.

My last post was about burden bearing . Please have a look . It will be helpful concerning healing for you and your child.

Today’s topic is on the four landing strips to our soul. There are other landing strips but these four are the most predominate. So, let’s begin.


Four Landing Strips:

 1)     Fearworry, unbelief, the need to control, anxiety, isolation, apathy, and turning to drugs and alcohol for peace.

2)     Anger – bitterness, envy, gossiping, slander, self-hatred (low self- worth) and hatred.

3)     Sexual Sin adultery, pornography, fornication, lewdness, molestation, rape, fantasy.

4)     Occult/Witchcraft  – black magic, crazy 8 ball, astrology, fortune telling, séances, manipulation, tarot cards, ouija board, freemasons, light as a feather, Eastern Stars, voodoo, spells, witch doctoring, incantations, rainbow girls, charms, palm reading, necromancy (calling up the dead), potions, shape shifting, wishing stars, rabbit’s foot, tea leaves, superstitions, pharmacia (drugs and alcohol altering our senses), magic, cursing, death wishing, astral projecting, and blood rituals, etc.



 Satan takes every opportunity to mess things up for us. Scripture says he comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”). We can’t give Satan a landing strip to get his claws into us. His four favorite landing strips above are the way he gets the chance to steal, kill and destroy. YUCK!!

We live in a society that doesn’t think the above landing strips will effect anything in our lives. If that is the way you feel then this post won’t help you in any way. You are entitled to your own opinion as am I!  But, if you do agree with me or are beginning to see that participation in these things are causing your life to take an undesired turn downward – then keep reading.

More and more the participation in the above landing strips are commonplace or have happened because of being naive to Satan’s schemes. He is Satan sneaky for sure. Or it can be a generational curse on your family that keeps happening over and over. (I have talked about generational curses in other posts. Take a look.) The good thing is – God is on our side and he has a way of escape and healing. There may be some soul ties that need to be broken too. (I have talked about soul ties in previous posts. Please have a look)


The Point:

 If you don’t want the landing strips in your life and want freedom – then there is a way to be free. I feel it would be better if someone was helping you so I can offer some assistance because I am a life coach at a facility called Check it out and call in for an appointment if you wish. Someone will help you. Tell them you have been following my blog. My name is Laurie and you can set up an appointment with me.


How This Applies to Your Adopted Child?

 The goal is for our landing strips to be shut down so Satan doesn’t have access to our lives. I think it is safe to say we all have landing strips that could be open.  If that is true then it is true for your child. I feel the fear landing strip is opened to most if not all adopted children. Then I would say for one reason or another the RAD adopted child seems attracted to the three other landing strips. At least that has been my experience in talking with other adoptive families.


In Conclusion:

 I hope this has been an eye opener post. We all need God’s help and He loves us and our desperately hurting adopted children. If you have a comment on what I have written about please comment in the comment box below. I would love to help you!

 I’ll share on another healing tool next time. Be talking to you…