Authority to Maintain a Protective Cover for Our Adopted Children:

Maintaining a Protective Cover:



In this paragraph I always introduce myself and encourage adoptive and foster parents to read some of my posts. In addition, I want to emphasize connection and my desire to get to know my reader. So, please comment on any of my posts so we can connect.

Please have a look at my last post. It is about treating Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) before a crisis arises. If an adopted child has RAD a crisis will eventually arise. It’s important for you to get the help your child needs before their behavioral issues flare. Please find help from someone who understands RAD.

Today I’m going to talk about a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Mainly because I am a life coach. I love what I do. Please read further to understand what I’m communicating.


Adoptive Parent Wounds:

        Adoptive and foster parents can experience many avenues of wounding from an adopted child. If the child has Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) their need to inflict wounds can be intense. The help for inflicted wounds is emotional healing.

I have written on this subject in other posts promoting the emotional healing the Trinity provides. This healing is so needed because our adopted children know full well how to inflict the pain that causes emotional wounding. But if you are healed and their wounding doesn’t go into your soul – your RAD child would lose the avenue of causing additional emotional wounding. This is to your benefit.

Emotional wounds from anyone’s childhood lay negative foundation wounds in the soul. If our adopted children touch the same wounded spots it causes the wounds to go deeper and spread wider. It is important to recognize where the first wounding came from so the soul can be healed from the beginning. This assures full and lasting healing and prevents any further infliction from penetrating the soul.


Authority to Help Our Foster and Adopted Children Heal:

        In our society we have many structures set up which have authority. Take for example our Government. Each person in the Government had a process of training, and college, etc. Then they were voted in and set in place.

Fathers and mothers have a different process of obtaining authority. The parental authority I’m talking about is an emotional healing authority. We gain this through our own emotional healing process.

Our children need us to achieve our own emotional healing. When we emotionally heal, this gives us authority to help our children heal in the same or similar areas. As we become more and more healed we also gain the authority to maintain a healing atmosphere in our homes. This then enhances healing opportunities for our children.

Our children don’t have the ability to accept healing from someone who has some of the same wounds. If our adopted children somehow heal and we don’t – how does that help? We will be stuck and they won’t have the support system in place to enhance their further healing. We as parents need to take care of our own emotional wounds first so we can help our children do the same.



        How is this done? If you can’t or don’t know how to help yourself or your children then I am a life coach. I would love to help. I can be reached at We can set up an appointment.

If you don’t want my help then please get help from a trusted counselor, doctor or therapist who understands RAD. The important thing is to start the process of emotional healing for all concerned. Life on the other side healing is so good.

I’ll be here again next week. Hope your week is good!! Until then…

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