Treat Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Before Crisis Hits:

Before Crisis Hits:



        Laurie here again with another post for foster and adoptive parents. Some of my posts also pertain to children with behavioral problems. If you are in these situation please check out my other posts.

My last post was about trauma that changes the brain. I suggest learning about the brain of adopted children. Please have a look at my last post.

Today I am going to talk about treating adoption RAD before a crisis happens. If you are going to foster or adopt and don’t know what RAD is, I would suggest reading up on the subject. Please read this post further to understand what I mean.


Treating RAD Soon Enough:

Two of the most grievous issues connected to adoption are:

  1. Not understanding RAD
  2. Not treating RAD in their preschool or elementary school years

My husband and I made this mistake. I would hate for you to do the same. Studies have shown if RAD is treated young – the odds of recovery are substantially high. Waiting until their teen years or when a crisis arises is difficult because by then they are set in their ways. Set ways or habits are hard to change. RAD habits are especially hard to change.

Many times by the teen years their RAD symptoms are so ingrained into their behavior they believe everyone acts like they do. They don’t think anything is wrong and become amoral in their behavior, attitudes and choices. This causes such chaos in the adoptive family.


Have Your Child Assessed:

        It would never hurt to get your adopted child assessed by a professional. Go to a professional with in-depth knowledge of RAD. There are many disorders which have similar symptoms as RAD. A Professional with the appropriate knowledge of RAD will be able to help you and your child. Finding the best process to navigate through all the issues is the goal.


Get Help Before A Crisis:

        If your child has RAD and you don’t know it then RAD usually leads the adopted child into some kind of crisis. Speaking from experience – it is no fun. Both of our adopted children ran into crisis before we got them some help. We weren’t properly educated about RAD.

I have confessed in previous posts I thought I could love my adopted children out of their problems. If I would try harder and was the most patient mother – they would come through alright. Well, was I wrong!! RAD doesn’t just heal when someone tries to love them. It takes help and hard work. Adopted RAD children refuse both receiving and giving love and any kind of relationship bonding.



If you have adopted and your children are young – please get them assessed to make sure they are bonding to you and your husband. If they are pre-teen or older don’t waste any time. Go to a RAD professional who has experience and get started on the healing process. Do this before a crisis arises that puts your child or you as a family in any danger. Many RAD children feel they are invincible and don’t discern danger. This is a set up for a crisis.



Wendy and I work with RAD children and their parents. We are seeing healing and progress in both the children and their parents. We love what we do.

If you have any questions or need help in what I have said in this post, please leave a comment in the comment section. I would love to converse further on this subject. I can be reached at

I will have another post next week. Blessings to you and your family. Until next time…

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