What Does the Trinity Have to do With Healing Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?

What Does the Trinity Have to Do With Healing

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?



         I’m Laurie and the creator of this blog. It is my desire to help parents out there in the midst of behavior, foster and adoption issues with your children. Please take a moment to read some of my posts.

My last three posts were on healing RAD and DID. The root causes of these two disorders are fear, terror, vows and who sits on the throne of their heart, etc. Please check out what I said.

Today I am going to revisit a topic of some previous posts I wrote at the conception of this blog. It has to do with the Trinity Window chart below. Please have a look.


What Does The Trinity Provide to Meet our Needs?


Trinity Window:


                                   Our Soul Needs

Relationship                                                           Trinity

Father —————— Care (provision) ————– Father God

Condition (protection)

Character (identity)

Siblings/friends ——–Companionship ————— Jesus


Mother —————– Comfort ———————– Holy Spirit

Coach (teach)

Cultivate (nurture)


On the left side of the chart above is our family and friends and the relationship we have with them. If our earthly father didn’t provide, protect or speak positive identity to us – we get wounded in our soul. It is the connection to the Trinity person on the right side of the Trinity chart that heals our soul having to do with the person on the left side of the chart.

On the right side of the chart above it shows Father God meets the soul needs having to do with provision, protection and speaking identity to us. Jesus meets the needs of our soul for companionship and communication. Holy Spirit meets the needs of our soul which is comfort, teaching and nurturing. If we receive continual healing from the Trinity for all the wounds the person on the left side of the chart caused us – we can achieve full healing.


Adopted RAD Children:

When we think of an infant orphan, the two people on the chart above who play the biggest roles initially are the mother and farther. The mother is the very first person the orphan misses because of being physically connected to her in the womb for nine months. Yet it is the father who typically provides, protects and (if he has had a good father figure in his life) speaks identity to his child.


Father and Father God Focus:

Please look at the father and Father God section of the chart above. When wounding happens from the father – the child doesn’t feel safe. The biological father in an adoption situation doesn’t provide or protect the child. This sends a very strong negative message and wounding to the child. What the father provides according to the chart above is all about creating a place for the child to be free to grow and become who God created them to be in SAFETY.

Father God created adoption and we are adopted into His family. He has no problem accomplishing all His functions (and more) from the chart above. He can heal all the fear and terror created by the unstable beginnings created by the birth parents. If the biological father failed to come through for the orphan – Father God can step in to heal the breech.


Mother and Holy Spirit Thoughts:

An infant also needs what the mother and Holy Spirit provide which is comfort, teaching, and nurturing. The provision of these soul needs are necessary. But at the very first moment the birth parents give the baby up – the baby knows. Then fear and terror set in.


Then What?

Fear and terror are directly connected to the lack of protection and provision causing the child to doubt their safety. RAD is the result of these tiny beings (even at a day old) feeling unsafe and vowing to not attach to anyone or let anyone attach to them. There is great wounding to their soul.

It is the Trinity who heals the wounds and vows an orphan experiences so RAD isn’t necessary anymore. Father God plays His very large role of safety. Holy Spirit heals with comfort, nurturing and teaching. Jesus heals an orphan with companionship and communication.



         If your child isn’t attaching to you or won’t allow you to attach to them – please get them some help. Find someone who know how to treat RAD. Not all counselors, therapists or psychologists do. Don’t waste money on those who don’t.

If you want my help you can reach me at Laurie@getrealliving.com Contact me and we can set up an appointment. I would love to help.

Please leave a comment in the comment section of this post. I would love to hear from you. I will be back again next week with another post. Until then…


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