Fear, Terror, DID, and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Part Three:

Part Three:



         Hi there. The posts for this blog are for parents of children with behavioral, foster, and adoption issues. I have traveled down a very long road and this blog is my expression of what I have learned along the way.

My last two posts are the first two posts of this three part series.  Please take a moment to read them because they will exponentially help you understand this post. We are having some success with the children we are life coaching who have the disorders in the title above.

Today I am going to talk about the root problems concerning RAD and DID as they pertain to foster and adoption issues. What I have to say about the issues in the title above may apply to other disorders too. I just know we are having some results with the foster and adopted children I have been life coaching.


Living Shattered:

         If I were to boil RAD and DID down to the beginning – fear, terror and vows started it all. I now believe there is more. I feel these children believe they have taken God off His throne in heaven (God doesn’t get off His throne for anybody) and “in their minds” have taken His place. (Narcissism) This refers to a post I wrote a while ago about the orphan psalm (Psalm 10) in the bible. They also won’t allow Jesus to have the throne in their hearts. They are narcissistically “in their minds” sitting on both thrones.

With DID – the defender many times chooses not to expose themselves. But as soon as the defender senses there is a threat – they take over to defend the other shattered parts. With RAD and DID – fear and terror caused them to shatter and make vows because it was the only way they knew how to deal with life at the time… But God is their answer.


Living Whole:

         Father God doesn’t want anyone to be fearful or in terror. In Psalm 10 God says He is the orphan’s defender. So, if an orphan has taken “his” place on God’s throne and have created their own defender – then God is not allowed (by the orphan) to be and do what He does best. The results: the orphan stays in a shattered and lonely RAD state.

Healing happens when the orphan can allow God to defend, heal, protect, provide and impart His identity into them much like God did with several people in the Bible. This is what the Bible calls reconciliation. If the orphan relinquishes both thrones and accepts God’s defense, then God can release them from their vows and put their shattered hearts back together. The orphan is then able to receive love and give love back. This is the true healing of RAD and DID.


Getting Help:

         If you would like help with what I have written on please contact me at Laurie@getrealliving.com  We can set up an appointment. God wants to heal your child and your family. I would love to assist in this healing process.



         Well that is all for today. This is the third and last post on this subject. There will be a new subject for you to read about in next weeks post.

Please leave a comment in the comment section. Have a blessed week. Until next time…


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