Fear, Terror, DID, and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) Part Two:

Part Two:



Hello everyone. I have created this blog to encourage all the parents out there who have children with behavioral, foster and adoption issues. If you would scroll through my list of posts you will see most of them are on these topics. Please take a moment to read some.

My last post was part one of this three part series of posts. I talked about fear, terror, DID and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). It would be to your benefit to read my last post before continuing with this one because it has information which will help in understanding this post.

Today I am going to give some more information about how shattering happens. A while ago I wrote a post on trauma which goes along with this series of posts. You may want to take a look at that post also.


When DID (Shattering) Happens to an Orphan?

         I have shared several times about the vow(s) which an orphan makes when they discover their birth mother has given them away. The orphan at this point is left in fear and terror because the only person they know (their birth mother) is gone.

It is fear and terror that shatters a heart and causes DID. So, when an orphan suddenly loses the person who is supposed to nurture, comfort and teach them – they wonder who is going to take care of and love them. Terror does it’s cruel work and their heart shatters. The strongest shattered piece (which I call the defender) takes it’s place as the protector of all the shattered pieces.


Spirit, Soul and Body:

         Every person has three sections to their being called spirit, soul and body. When we talk about the shattered heart I am referring to the soul. The soul is the mind, will and emotions.

When I say shattered heart I am really saying a person’s soul is broken into pieces. I feel many RAD adopted children are DID. Their hearts have been shattered because of the trauma experiences they have lived through and didn’t know how to handle. The only solution they knew of in order to survive the trauma was shattering. Then their defender part decided to protect all the other shattered parts because no one else was there to protect them. This is tragic.

I’m sure you understand that the body is just the body. But the spirit is the part that connects to the Trinity very readily. It is awake all the time even when our body and soul are asleep at night. It is the portion of our three part being that is spiritual and communes with the Trinity. It is also the part of our being which is to be in charge but in submission and led by the Holy Spirit.


Before Our Spirit Is In Charge:

         We live in a society where our souls are developed before our spirit is developed. Our spirit can be developed first but most people don’t know how this is accomplished. (This idea will be a topic of a future post) For this post we need to understand the soul is in charge when we are born.

         Let’s try to imagine being an infant and our birth mom gave us away and disappeared. The rejection, abandonment, and loss would be great. At this time our spirit wouldn’t know what to do because it is not in charge or trained to be in the lead under the leadership of Holy Spirit.

An infant isn’t able to ask questions to find out how to locate their mother. It is at this point of confusion and probably terror that our adopted children not only decided to be RAD but possibly were shattered (DID).

The defender then decides to be in charge. Then the defender makes their own rules and defends with all their might. This leaves the orphan in a constant place of shattering. They live life alone because of the RAD vows they enforce and the defender who is in charge.



         Please come back next week to read the third and final post of this series of posts. I would love hear your comments. Please leave it in the comment section of this post. Have a great week. Until next time…



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