Need Foster and Adoption Help? Part Two

What We are About


         Hi there! Laurie here with a post to encourage the foster and adoptive families out there who have children with difficult behavioral, foster and adoption issues. There are many posts in this blog which are helpful in these areas. Please take a moment to check some out.

My last post was the first of this three part series of posts. I’m introducing a new ministry called Abba Father’s Love and am sharing about the three parts to this ministry. Last week I told about the support groups we have and how well they are going.

Today I am going to tell you about the second part to the ministry called Abba Father’s Love. It is the life coaching part and we offer several services. I will describe the services below.


Unleashed Healing Center:

Abba Father’s Love is a ministry of the Unleashed Healing Center. You can go to the website called  We provide the same services in both Abba Father’s Love and the Unleashed Healing Center. The services and descriptions are listed below:

  • UnPlugged – A simple assessment of your spiritual life and how to stand in your true identity by unplugging from life’s demands.
  • UnDocked – Practical tools to help you walk out your true destiny and break free from old patterns of thinking.
  • Un Reeled – A prayerful journey towards renewal as we partner with you allowing the Holy Spirit to edit the traumatic moments from the movie reel of your life.
  • UnCovered – A deeper look at the hidden treasures and mysteries that God has for you in His Secret Place, unleashing you to dance in your freedom.
  • UnLocked – A practical look at the communication skills, personality traits and DNA gifts that impact marital, personal or business relationships.


Abba Father’s Love:

         We offer all these services but we specifically minister to the families with foster and adopted children. We also minister to families with children who have difficult behavioral problems. It is our desire at Abba Father’s Love to help families heal and become unified. We partner with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit to accomplish this.

We recognize satan has done a job on foster and adoptive families as a whole. Yet, we see God as bigger than all that has been thrown at these families. We have seen healing happen through the power of the Trinity.

We have discovered ways of praying for the bloodlines of children resulting in healing for their shattered hearts. This technique has been successful in several avenues of their lives. We are excited about the new tools of healing God continues to reveal to us!

Many times an adoptive or foster parent needs healing too. If the child has Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) – life for the family as a whole is very difficult. This can cause the hearts of the parents to break or be wounded. We can help you at Abba Father’s Love because that is what we do. We minister to the family as a whole.



  • The first part of Abba Father’s Love ministry is our support groups for the parents. It is a place where the parents are free to express in a non-judgmental environment. We at Abba Father’s Love ministry (AFL) understand what you are going through. It is our heart that you join our support group or a support group for encouragement and comradery in your journey of parenting.
  • The second part of Abba Father’s Love ministry is life coaching and the services are listed above. We love to come along side of adoptive and foster families to help and minister to the families as a whole. We want to see families united and healed.



I will be back next week to share about the third part of Abba Father’s Love ministry. I am excited to introduce this ministry and I encourage you to contact us. Maybe we can help you.

Please leave a comment so we can converse on the subjects at hand. Hope you have a great week! Until next week…

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