Adoptive Fathers as Protectors


Protecting Your House, Wife and Children:


I’m here to talk about adoption and foster issues. I have written many posts on foster and adoption topics. Please take a moment to read some.

My last post was about how our foster and adopted Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) children don’t believe us when we tell them the truth. It is a complicated subject. Please check it out.

Today I am going to address two ideas in reference to the adoptive fathers. The ideas are about protection. Please read further.


Fathers and Protection:

Two Ideas:

  1. There is a book by a man named Jonathan Welton, titled “Eyes of Honor.” It is about dealing with porn perversion. I am not going to address porn in this post. But at the end of Jonathan’s book it talks about men accepting the position of being a women’s protector – not her predator. It’s a very good book.
  2. The second idea I want to talk about was conveyed in a recent movie called “Hidden Figures.” I loved the scene where the man in charge at NASA (Kevin Costner) knocked the bathroom sign down for one of his colored female employees. (Colored is the word they used in the movie because it was set in 1961) At that time they still segregated the drinking fountains, bathrooms and buses. Kevin Costner knocked down the sign so this “colored” women employee didn’t have to go a half mile down the road to use the bathroom. When he knocked the sign down people in the theater applauded – including me. He also expected her co-workers to show her respect.


My Point:

I am challenging the men who read this post to accept the position of being a woman’s protector. Specifically being your wife’s protector. I’m asking you to be ready to defend your wife if she is being dishonored by other men, women or your RAD adopted children.

There is a natural understanding in our society, for some reason, that men are more readily listened to if there is conflict. Right or wrong it is just how society functions. A man seems to have a more commanding demeanor which demands respect verses a woman who is faced with the same situation. Women aren’t universally respected in this way.

So, I am simply saying your wife needs you when it comes to the dishonor she can receive in public and from your RAD adopted children. She needs your protection and spiritual covering to be safe to fulfill her destiny. Husbands are to facilitate their wives’ and children in achieving what they were put on this planet to do.

Just as Kevin Costner stood up for his female employee to provide a bathroom in the same building she was working – your wife needs you to defend, spiritually cover and pray for her. Kevin Costner commanded respect for his female employee and from her co-workers who were harassing and demeaning her. Your wife needs the same from you. This would be an honoring and protective act of human kindness.


What Do You Get in Return?

You get a woman who will truly respect and honor you in your home. You get blessings from Father God because you protected and honored your wife. You get an honorable social standing and maybe an applause for the way you handle your household.


The Bigger Picture:

On the other hand – protecting your wife even if you don’t get a thing is the right thing to do. Applause is great but do you really need accolades to stand up for your wife? Ask God what He thinks. What do you think is the bigger picture God wants you to understand about protection and family? How can you partner with God for the bigger picture He has for you and your family?



I have seen several adoptive father’s (husband’s) make their home life revolve around them by demeaning their wives. I have also seen several adopted RAD children mesmerizing the adoptive fathers. They tricked the adoptive father into believing the issues in the home are the adoptive mother’s fault – when in fact it’s the RAD child causing division. They like to divide the adoptive father from the adoptive mother. Sometimes causing them to divorce. This would not be if the husbands were protecting their wives.

So husbands, be the protector. Defend and honor your wife who is your soul mate. Put her in the place she deserves which is at your side – honored and protected in society and in your home. She needs your help.

Well, that is all. See you again right here next week. Bye…

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