Merry Christmas to Adoptive Parents!

Merry Christmas!


         Hello everyone! As usual I write this blog to the foster and adoptive parents out there navigating through adoption and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) issues. Many of my posts are on these subjects. Please check them out.

My last post was about practical Christmas shopping for the severe cases of RAD. It has some good suggestions about the type of gifts to get. Please have a look.

Today I am going to do a short and sweet post about Christmas. I hope it will encourage you in this season. It is my heart’s intent to do so.


You Are Amazing Parents!

         If I could I would pat every foster and adoptive parent on the back who is loving your RAD adoptive child as best you can. I understand you don’t get the encouragement you need or desire. So, I am stepping in here to fill some of the gap.


Christmas Encouragement and Prayers:

         I just want to take a moment to bless you and speak words of encouragement. So, this is what I am praying for you this Christmas Season:

  • I pray you are safe and your travels go smooth and quick
  • I pray your shopping is successful and you find sales
  • I pray Your RAD child will not try to create chaos
  • Your heart won’t get broken by your RAD child’s rejection
  • That your RAD child won’t be destructive to themselves, you or to material things
  • Your child will not be stuck in their fantasy thoughts about their birth families and instead participate in your Christmas festivities
  • I pray you will have peace in your home for the Holidays
  • That you will be at rest inside
  • Your RAD child to show respect to their adoptive mother’s and be kind
  • For your adopted child to find healing for their broken heart
  • That you and your spouse will grow closer together
  • For your marriage to be stronger than ever before
  • You will know you are doing a good job with your adopted children
  • That you’re not the reason your RAD child isn’t normal
  • You understand you aren’t failing at parenting
  • I pray you will have wisdom, knowledge and understanding beyond your age
  • Your heart will be healed of all the pain your RAD child has caused
  • You will see the kindness of the Trinity (Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit)
  • For the Trinity to heal the places in your heart where expectations haven’t happened the way you wanted
  • You will feel the love of the Trinity deeply in your body, soul, and spirit
  • For you to feel safe and protected by the Trinity
  • Your Christmas will have extra special events and memories
  • That you will find the parenting techniques which work for your foster, adopted or RAD child



I think you get the jest of what I would like for you this Christmas. God bless you and yours. Please leave a comment by clicking the “leave a comment” button next to the title above. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! It will be two weeks till my next post so I’ll be talking with you then…


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