Adoption RAD and the “Atmosphere” in Your House:

Adoption RAD and the “Atmosphere” in Your House:


I continually desire to help others out there who have foster and adopted RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) children and who are struggling with constant adoption issues. I completely understand because I have been there and done that. Check out my other posts and you’ll see.

In my last post I talked about how to stay true to yourself during the journey through adoption RAD issues. There are avenues you can travel to not lose who you are during difficulties. Please check out my last post.

Today I am going to share some of the applications I used in order to keep the “Atmosphere” in my house positive. I hope it will help you and your household too. It is my desire to help as much as I can!


Steps to a Better “Atmosphere” in the Home:

1)  When you wake up in the morning declare to the Trinity (Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit) they are your supply for everything – including for your adopted children.

2)  Decide they (the Trinity) are the owners of your children and you are the steward only. I wrote a post a while ago on this subject. Please read it because it relieves the stress of life (in general) and produces an atmosphere of change towards the positive.

3)  Put the Holy Spirit in charge of your day because scripture says Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. He is the ultimate Spirit so why not follow Holy Spirit to a truthful end.

4)  Put happy music on in your house ALL the time. I feel worship music is the best. Sing along and have a good time doing it. One symptom of RAD is being miserable. They don’t like it when anyone is happy or happier than they are – especially the adoptive mother. They want everyone as miserable as they are and the “atmosphere” of misery and hate in YOUR house. Happiness goes against all their efforts to influence your household atmosphere towards the negative. This may not change your child’s personal atmosphere but it should help with the rest of your house.

5)  Ask Father God to send His ministering angels to minister to everyone in your house. The Bible scripture says angels encamp around and minister to us.

6)  Regularly ask Father God (Father of Jesus) to bless your house to be a house following Him and free of conflict and chaos. Pray He mends and heals the hearts of your adopted RAD children.

7)  Pray for your adopted children while they go through their day and night. Ask God to release them from deceptive thoughts, feelings and motivations which keep them from forming good bonding relationships. Ask God to remove the harmful relationships which lead them in the wrong direction and get them into trouble.

8)  Focus on the Trinity and how good they are and be thankful for all the good things in your life. Troubles keep us distracted while thankfulness broadens our perspective.

9)  Ask God to minister to you during your days and nights. RAD symptoms are very difficult to continuously live with. They can do some internal soul damage so stay open to the Trinity’s healing touch. It is always good for you. This prevents your soul from getting hard or staying wounded from the constant emotional abuse from your adopted child.



         I hope this was helpful. I understand I may be talking about some things you have never heard about. That’s OK. Make a comment in the box below if you don’t understand. I would love to talk to you about it. Until next week…


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