Adoption RAD and Kingdom Perspectives:

Adoption RAD and Kingdom Perspectives:


         Hello there – I’m Laurie and I created this blog to assist parents out there who have adopted RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) children. It is my desire to come along side and encourage adoptive parents as much as I can in their journey through adoption issues. Please check out my other posts. They will be helpful in reference to this subject.

My last post was titled “RAD and Needing Win.” It was about the incessant need for RAD adopted children to win at everything they do. I gave examples and encouragement on this subject. Please take a moment and read it.

Today I am going to talk about Kingdom perspectives as they pertain to adoption and RAD. It is my desire to communicate a bigger perspective. There are two tools we have discovered which are bringing some breakthrough for families.


Two Tools:

We (two life coaches and I) have found a couple effective healing tools.  These tools are what I call Kingdom perspectives. God has the answers and two of them are:

1)  Prayer for the bloodline

2)  Healing the broken heart from emotional trauma


Prayer for the Bloodline:

         Praying for the bloodline – what does that mean? We are getting some healing results for adopted RAD children when we pray for their bloodlines. It has everything to do with Jesus cleansing the bloodline so the curses that go to the third and fourth generations are broken off. This allows your child to live in God’s blessing instead.



There is one family with a RAD child who immediately had results after we prayed. Her night terrors stopped completely. It was such a relief for the family as a whole and now everyone is sleeping through the night.


Healing the Broken Heart from Emotional Trauma:

         Trauma has the ability to break a person’s emotional heart. Terror and fear do the same. When a child experience something which is too much to bear – their heart can break (shatter).


14 Things Everyone Should Know About Emotional Trauma:

1)  The traumatized person is in thought about the trauma events regularly

2)  They worry about what is going to happen next

3)  Trauma lasting longer than four to six weeks can produce PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

4)  Trauma doesn’t always mean violence – for example: divorce, being bullied, a move etc. can cause emotional trauma

5)  It can cause insomnia, nightmares, or a racing heartbeat

6)  The person can feel disconnected or numb

7)  They can have a hard time learning or concentrating when stressed

8)  Trauma causes emotional shattering to the heart

9)  It can cause anger, irritability, sadness, mood swings, hopelessness chest pains and fatigue

10)              The person lives in guilt, shame and self-blame

11)              They withdraw from others

12)              Trauma can cause a person to trigger to noise, smells, etc.

13)              It causes the person to startle easily

14)              They live in fear, anxiety and/or terror



The example I want to give for this category is a beautiful one. The mom came to a session with me and stood in “proxy” for her RAD little one. We prayed God would heal the little one’s broken/shattered heart and He did. There was immediate results and life in there house became much easier.



         We are excited to see healings and progression made in the lives of the adopted RAD children and their families we minister to. God truly does have all the answers and cares about orphans coming to their healing. We are honored to participate in these Kingdom Perspective healings!

I am a life coach and you can reach me at Maybe you would like to have your bloodline or broken heart healed. Contact the above site and set up a life coaching session with me. I would love to help.

Thanks for listening. Please leave a comment. Until next week…

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