Adoption RAD and Five Steps of Encouragement – Part Five:

Adoption RAD and Five Steps of Encouragement:


This is Laurie and I created this blog for adoptive parents navigating through the difficulties of RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). Most of my posts are on this subject. Please check them out.

My last four posts were the first four posts in this five part series of encouragements. They were about failure, being afraid, injustice and trust. Please check them out.

Today is the fifth and final post in this series of five encouraging steps. I am using the acronym FAITH to make my points. Today is on the letter H which represents healing. I will conclude by bringing all the words in FAITH together to make the whole point of this series.


H for Healing:

The ultimate goal for RAD is healing. My deepest desire for RAD adoptive families is to heal from the trauma RAD creates. It is truly one of the hardest mental health disorders I have experienced. Which is why I write this blog, give encouragement and divulg all I have learned about this disorder. I want to make your journey a little easier.

So, how do we heal? How do we help our confused RAD children heal? How do we help our children break the vows which cause them to hold everyone at arm’s length – avoiding emotional pain?

A couple of friends and I have discovered a way to pray for our adopted children. The results has progressed our children in the right direction. We have also learned how to put their broken hearts back together again. (I wrote about DID a few posts beck. Check it out). We are seeing change and we are excited!! I feel we are finding some answers to RAD.


Recap and Bring It All Together:

So, the five words in the acronym FAITH are failure, afraid, injustice, trust and healing:

  • Failure – Our children need to fail at manipulation, and control, etc. If they fail in our homes – life doesn’t have to teach them the hard way when they are on their own. Loving them in the failure moments will speak volumes to their broken hearts. This will develop their cause and effect thinking.
  • Afraid – We are all afraid – parents and kids. God knows and wants to sooth our every concern. He needs the lead position for all involved so surrendering to his higher intelligence and power are key. He knows what to do – even giving us peace beyond measure.
  • Injustice – God hates injustice more than we do. He set things up so all in the family would get justice. Lean into His plans and reap the rewards.
  • Trust – It is the foundation for every relationship so if trust isn’t there – the relationship is wobbly. Parents, I urge you to learn the truth about your RAD adopted children together and stay on the same team. Your children need to see this to have a clue about developing relationships of their own. They also need to see they aren’t able to divide the two of you or disrupt the family.
  • Healing – God is the healing answer and He can lead you to the place where your family can heal. Don’t lose heart. Look to God for your answers.

If we bring all of the words in the acronym together we find five steps of daily encouragement. I understand faith is very hard to hold on to in the middle of RAD issues but remind yourself there is a greater power than you possess.

My answer for you in your journey through the difficulties of adoption and RAD issues is FAITH in God almighty. He is the Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and He has all the answers if we would just ask and listen.



         Well, this wraps up another series of posts. I will be back next week with a new topic to talk about. Please leave me a comment so we can convers about what is on your heart. Until then…

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