Adoption Parents – Developing Inner Peace – Part Five:

Developing Inner Peace – Part Five:


This blog is intended to help foster and adoptive families out there navigating through the difficulties of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). Most of my posts are about RAD to some degree or another. Please check them out.

My last four posts were the first four letters of an acronym on PEACE. Please take a few moments to read them. They will help in understanding this post better. I am also including the opposing view of each acronym letter in order to provide a better view of God’s heart for you and your family.

Today I am sharing on the last letter E in the acronym PEACE. I hope it will be encouraging as well as enlightening. Then I will bring the five points on PEACE to a conclusion.


E for Empty vs. Engaged:

Dictionary meaning for empty:

  1. Having nothing inside or on the surface; holding or containing nothing.
  2. Having no occupants; not being used.
  3. Lacking force or power.
  4. Lacking purpose or substance.
  5. Needing nourishment; hungry.
  6. Devoid; destitute.

Dictionary meaning for engaged:

  1. Employed, occupied, or busy.
  2. Committed, as to a cause.
  3. Pledged to marry; betrothed: an engaged couple.
  4. Involved in conflict or battle.
  5. Partly embedded into, or attached to another part, as columns on a wall.


I know when I’m on empty – my peace is gone. Emptiness produces number three and number four in the above definition for empty. I’m lacking force, power, purpose and substance. BUT, God has a different point of view.

I like number one, two and five in the above definition for engage. We are to be employed, occupied, busy, committed, embedded and attached to what God wants for us and thinks about us as His children. This type of “state of being” brings the PEACE we are looking for. So, let us in return be engaged (as to a cause) with the Trinity for inner peace to reign. The results is a relationship with the Trinity. When we engaged with the Trinity – receiving relationship, revelation, direction and strategy – we find peace.


Pulling This Five Post Series on PEACE Together:

P = Presence of God to help us – not personal pressure to be what we aren’t able to be

E = Exclusively in Loving relationship with the trinity – not exiting our relationship with them

A = Affections of God received – not affliction from God – it’s Satan who afflicts

C = Covenant of Gods promises – not condemnation from God – Satan is the one who condemns

E = Engaged in building a relationship with the trinity for what we need – not empty with nothing to give


It is my desire to motivate you towards God for inner peace. The above words are more than just words. They have substance when used in the way I have suggested.

True peace is only achieved with a being BIGGER than us – and that is God. He holds our lives and times in His hands. He wants us to experience Him by allowing us to feel his presence.

He is truly an exclusive God and will not allow the first place in our hearts to be occupied by anything other than Him BECAUSE He values you greatly and gives you the same privilege in His heart. We are all equally valued – just as God values His son. We have the same inheritance as Jesus.

God wants our affection and His affection is mutually lavished on us. His intention towards us is always for our good. We easily forget it when Satan shows up to steal, kill and destroy important things in our lives. Don’t be fooled by who is doing what.

Who is the one giving covenant and who is giving condemnation? Many times we think it is God saying and doing all the negative when it doesn’t even begin to be part of His nature. Negativity is Satan’s language and kingdom – not God’s.

Finally, stay engaged in relationship with the Trinity for direction and purpose for your life. Life is too short to not walk out our destiny or live without peace. Part of your destiny is to live in peace while fulfilling what you were put on this planet to do.


Your RAD Child:

Yes, your RAD adopted child can affect your peace – but there is plenty of peace the Trinity can continually supply to you. It’s ok to keep asking for more peace. God is not stingy with what He possesses.



So, live in the peace of the Trinity by accepting their presence, being exclusively theirs, accepting and giving affection, receiving their covenant and engaging in the right Kingdom and relationship with them. This is how to live in PEACE.

         If you would like help in your search for peace – I can help you. I am a life coach and can be reached at Call and make an appointment.

         I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment in the box below. Until next week…


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