Adoption Parents – Developing Inner Peace – Part Two:

Developing Inner Peace – Part Two:


         Hello all. I’m Laurie and I started this blog to encourage all the foster and adoptive families out there navigating through RAD issues. Please check out the previous posts I’ve written on the subject of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). It is my heart to help parents see and understand RAD better.

My last post was part one of a five part series on peace. Please take a moment to read it because it will help you understand this post better. Besides, you can get too much peace in their life?

Today is about the second letter in my acronym PEACE which is E for Exclusive and the opposite of exit. This is my effort to portray peace in a way that most of mankind hasn’t understood and maybe hasn’t tried or experienced. I hope you find inner peace in your heart as a result.


E for Exclusive vs. Exit:

The definition for exclusive according to the dictionary app. on my phone means:

  1. Excluding or tending to exclude: exclusive barriers.
  2. Not allowing something else; incompatible: mutually exclusive conditions.
  3. Not divided or shared with others
  4. Not accompanied by others; single or sole: your exclusive function.
  5. Complete; undivided: gained their exclusive attention.

When life gets as tuff as it does living with a human who has RAD – you may get frustrated with the inability to get through to them. I understand the disappointment of trying over an over to no avail. This may have driven you to a place of no options leading you to wanting to exit the situation. I know I was at this place of loneliness and desperation. My desire was to see something that would work for my daughters only to realize there was no answer in sight.

Scripture says, “God is a jealous God” and one of the commandments says, “You shall have no other God before Me.” (Ex. 20:3) God was and is a very exclusive God. Mankind has believed many good and evil things about God in the scriptures (above) and everyone is entitled to their own opinion – including me.

So, this is my version of the two quotes from the Bible stated above. God’s idea of creating mankind was for the sake of creating a world of sons and daughters that He can be Abba Father to. (Rom. 8:15) He gives us the right to accept Him or not because He is fair and a gentleman. But, if we do accept Him – it is an exclusive relationship. We are not to have any other God before Him because He is jealous for our love and affection just as He wants to exclusively give us love and affection. Even during our devotional times – He doesn’t want to share us with any other person or event which would interrupt the flow of His love, encouragement and presence. (Presence was the P for PEACE in my last post)

In this place of exclusiveness we are affirmed of who we are and who’s we are. It is part of His plan to be only ours and we are only His. This is in reference to the first place in our hearts being held exclusively for Him. No one can have this place of Father to son/daughter and son/ daughter to Father.

His love is powerful and life changing. Again, this is His intention so we are in a place of safety and peace can flow from Him to us. What a redemptive state of being. What a place of security in love. All with the results of peace.

This all may be sounding strange to you but I can tell you it is not. You can live in inner peace. You can exclusively reserve the first place in your heart for Father God. He will exclusively be your God before all other Gods. He jealously wants to be your Father and bring you peace. This is a much better conclusion than merely exiting the situation out of frustration.

Do you want this in your life? Do you want inner peace? Can you reserve the first place in your heart for the God of the universe? Can you allow Him to be jealous for you and your affections? If you do – I can help you. I am a life coach and have helped many people in the process of making God first and accepting His exclusive love. I can be reached at Call and make an appointment with me and I would be glad to help you.



         Thanks for listening and please leave a question or comment in the box below. I would love to hear from you. Until next week…

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