Adoption Parents – Developing Inner Peace – Part One:

Developing Inner Peace – Part One:


         Hi all. Laurie here to encourage all the parents of foster and adopted RAD children. RAD is Reactive Attachment Disorder and it is more common than you think. I have two adopted daughters with this disorder and have written numerous posts on the subject. Please have a look through my posts to learn more on the subject.

My last post was on prayer breakthrough with my adopted RAD daughter’s. Our prayers have started to work and my adopted daughters are doing better. You can read about it in depth in my previous post.

Today I am going to encourage the adoptive parents out there who are struggling with inner peace in a house where adopted RAD children are intentionally causing chaos. This is the first of five posts on peace in which I will use the PEACE acronym. I am also adding the opposite to what I feel the PEACE acronym represents to give a fuller perspective of God’s loving intent for you.


Graham Cooke:

         I couldn’t begin this post without acknowledging a man named Graham Cooke. He is a modern day prophet and writer and has made it his intention to be at peace every day. His voice is like a soothing bubble bath and I admire him for his purposeful intention to stay at peace every moment of the day. He has been very influential in my life so I’m giving honor where honor is due. (FYI, Scientists do say that 90%+ of diseases are due to stress) So, here is a man who has the market on staying peaceful in a world of stress.

If you are interested in getting any of his resources – his web site is All of his resources are good but to get the full impact of his message – it’s best realized by listening to his voice. So, get his cds or dvds.


P for Presence vs. Personal Pressure: (The first letter of the acronym on PEACE)

Nothing prepared me for the on slot of RAD issues. The pain and difficulty of navigating through adoption and RAD issues challenged me to the core and forced me to look to  bigger and stronger beings for help – the Trinity. Therefore, I’m speaking about God’s presence vs. my personal pressure or abilities. My abilities fell very short and pressuring myself to be more than I am doesn’t work.

When we are all spent and weary, we put personal pressure on ourselves up to try harder and give more. Give more from where? Try harder with what? I’m not saying we are released from our parental responsibility, but we have to have a source we are drawing from. Where can we draw?

From my experience – I value my quiet times with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit deeply. Connection and being in their presence (and in the word) is what gives me peace. If I didn’t have them (the Trinity) I would still be hurting from the purposeful rejection my RAD girls were sending my way. I have learned – God has my time and life in His hands. In His presence is peace and comfort no other being on this earth can impart. Being in the presence of the Trinity in loving relationship is part of the answer to obtaining inner peace.



So, let’s talk about the Trinity’s presence. I find it interesting that it takes connecting to the Trinity to obtain peace. I also find it interesting that an RAD person lives in chaos as a result of not connecting to anybody and they never ever seem to be at peace.

Just as a baby finds peace and rest in the arms of their mother so every human on this earth can find rest in the Trinities peaceful love and connection. This is called presence.

So, in this journey to obtain PEACE – the first step I propose is the P for presence of the Trinity on our lives. Personal pressure doesn’t fulfill what you or anyone else needs because it comes from a place of depletion of your own internal resources. Your own spirit and soul will thank you for taking this step of presence.



         If you have any questions and/or comments please leave them in the box below. I would love to hear from you. Until next time…

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