Adoption, RAD and Soul Response Mechanisms – Part One:

Soul Response Mechanisms


Hello. My name is Laurie. The reason I started this blog was to help foster and adoptive families who have adopted children with adoption issues and RAD. RAD stands for Reactive Attachment Disorder. I’ve written many posts on this subject. Please check them out.

My last post was on receiving respite care for your children so you and your spouse can take a break and get away. Taking regular date nights is helpful too. Please take a moment and read this helpful post.

Today is part one of a two part series and I am going to talk about soul response mechanisms. These mechanisms go off when something touches the wounded or pleasurable spots of our soul. There is a list of soul response mechanisms below and I will define them according to my life coaching understanding.

Next week’s post will be part two of this series and I will talk about getting help with the negative soul response mechanisms. Please come back next week and read further on this subject. I want to help with the negative mechanisms in your life or the life of your adopted child.


List of Soul Response Mechanisms:

  1. Triggers
  2. Devices
  3. Labels
  4. Scars
  5. Chains
  6. Yokes
  7. Mantles
  8. Imprints
  9. Titles



Triggers – buttons on your soul (soul = mind, will and emotions) that cause an old response to a new situation. Triggers can be good and bad and strongly coincide with touch, sound, smells and similar replicating events. In other words – the new situation may feel the same as a previous good situation or a traumatizing bad situation. The trigger can be pleasurable or painful in direct accordance to what previously happened.



Devices – Inclination, tendency or disposition towards something even though it may not produce a positive result. (Taken from the Free Dictionary app on my phone) It may run in the family as a generational curse. Example: An inclination to give up too quickly or a tendency to be too strict. It is where we get the phrase, “Left to their own devices.”



Labels – verbal word curses that have given the receiver a way to be seen by others. Bullies are good at giving people labels. A label can be good or bad but stays and is seen on the person by others subconsciously. It’s like they are wearing a sign saying, “Reject Me or Treat Me Like I’m Dirt.” If it is positive the label could maybe read something like, “leader.”



Scars – places where the soul has healed over from a wound – but doesn’t necessarily mean it is healed beneath the surface. There may be an “infection” deep in the soul that needs to be released so the wound can truly heal. It can also mean a wound was there, has healed and just has a scare to prove it.



Chains – where the person has participated in a bad habit to the point the habit is negatively affecting their behavior and life. (Another word could be a stronghold) Chains can also be generational. Chains are negative instead of positive unless they represent being in close bond to one of the Trinity.



Yokes – usually are burdens carried which don’t belong to the person carrying it. I have written a previous post on this subject called “Burden Bearing.” Please check it out because burden bearers carry yokes. A positive example of a yoke would be, “yoked to the Lord in relationship.”



Mantles – can be good or bad. It is something passed down from generation to generation and is directly connected with the person’s destiny or bloodline. It can be passed from one person to another just like Elijah did for Elisha in the Bible. If it is a good mantle – it has a good effect on the person and is God’s declaration of who they are. If it is a bad mantel – it will keep the person from their destiny.



 Imprint – can be good or bad. Example: When a teacher had a good or bad influence (imprint) on you. It isn’t as intensive as a trigger but it does influence the person to make life choices for the good or bad.



Titles – are similar to labels but have a bigger impact. Titles are not as big as mantles. Again, they can be good or bad but they communicate a description of the person’s personality trait or gifting. Examples of good titles: Administrator, teacher, or merciful. Titles are obvious because of what the person loves to do. A bad title would have a negative connotation. Titles can be generational as well.



          These are my definitions of each soul response mechanism. In my next post I will expand on them and bring in my thoughts about healing the mechanisms. Please join us again next week.

Please leave a comment in the box below. I would love to know what you think. Till next time…


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