Who Provides For, Owns and Stewards an Adopted RAD Child? Part Three:



Hi all. Here we are in part three of this series about provision, ownership and stewardship in reference to RAD and adopted children. This blog is for all those out there looking for help and encouragement when navigating through the symptoms of RAD and foster/adoption issues. (Check out my previous posts on this subject) Although I am using provision, ownership and stewardship in reference to RAD and adoption issues – they apply to all aspects of our lives.

My last two posts were about God’s provision and God’s ownership. Please take a few moments to read through them. They will help you understand where I’m going with this post about stewardship. Then I will bring everything together for the bigger picture in my conclusion at the end of this post.


Stewardship Scriptures: (NIV)

  •  Gen. 2:15 – The Lord took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. (The word work in this scripture means to act as a servant)
  • Matt. 25:14-23 – Because this story is so long I will quickly tell you about it: The story is about three servants who were given either five, two or one talent to work with while the master was gone. A talent is a form of money used in Bible times. The servants given five and two talents doubled their money and the master called them good and faithful servants. The servant with one talent just buried his talent in the ground and was called a wicked servant for not bringing a return or even interest on his master’s money. The master gave this man’s talent to the servant who doubled his talents to ten talents. All three servants were to steward their masters money while he was gone.



*In post number one of this series I made the point that God is our provider. I used the scriptures in:

  • Luke 12:24 – God says He provides for the birds and we are more important than they are so He will provide for us too.
  • Gen. 22:14 – Genesis states God provided a sacrifice for Abraham when he needed it. He will do the same for us when we are in need.
  • Phil.4:19 – Philippians says that God will provide all our needs according to His riches in glory. I went on to say – our jobs don’t ultimately provide for us. Whether you believe it or not – God is the one who provides for us. He gave us our jobs just as he gave Adam his in the garden. We are to use our time, “talents”, and treasures towards what He provided. We are not under the curse of toiling that Adam (man) was given when Adam fell. When Jesus died for our sins – that curse broke off mankind. All the attached stress of toiling to make a living broke off too. We just need to have a paradigm shift and come into agreement.

* In post number two of this series – I said that God is the owner of all things including all the earth’s gold and silver. I used the scriptures in:

  • I Chron. 29:10-13
  • Haggai 2:8
  • Psalm 24:1-2
  • If God is the owner of all things, including all the silver and all the gold -then He owns us, our children, our finances, our houses, jobs and businesses, etc.
  • If God owns all of the above – He gets all the headaches and trouble connected to them. He gets the stress and the responsibility of making things work out. Sounds good to me!


My Point:

We are very much like Adam and the servants in the two stewardship scriptures above. We are God’s servants and we are given the task of stewarding what God has given us. We get the privilege of using our “talents” (abilities, time and possessions) for God’s glory. He owns all our finances even though he only requires a tithe back.


Now what does this look like? How are WE Stewards?

My husband and I have a couple of businesses but we aren’t the owners – God is. We are stewards (servants) and God is the owner. When our businesses are slow we go to God and say, “Your businesses are slow and you need to pay your bills – what are you going to do about it? If He does something – we praise God. If He doesn’t pay His bills and His business closes – we praise God. He has a reason for all He does – even closing His business in order to teach us something different about His or our character we didn’t know before. It is His business to do with as He pleases. The responsibility and burden is on Him.

The same is true for our children or foster and adopted RAD children. We are to steward our children but God is their owner and provider. He knows what it will take to get through to them – even breaking through the RAD symptoms. The burden of success or failure is on Him. We’re to just obey what He gives us to do and leave the results to him.



My husband and I have made the shift to stewardship. We printed two documents – one for the business and one for our home. I made one for the ministries I’m in or lead. These documents decree God as our provider and owner and we are the stewards (servants) of everything in our lives. This includes our children. We signed our documents and a witness witnessed the signature and dating of the documents. We framed and hung them on a wall (at home and work) so we see it every time we enter either place. This event truly took the weight of the world off our shoulders!

So, take a few minutes and make this shift in your life. Create your own document or contact me for a copy of ours. It will puts all the stress and responsibility on God to provide, be the owner and make things happen in your life.

Please leave a comment in the box below. I would love to hear from you!…          


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