Adoption, RAD and Special Needs: Part Two:

Adoption, RAD and Special Needs:


        Hi all. This blog is typically about adoption and RAD adoption issues. RAD stands for Reactive Attachment Disorder. (I’ve written about adoption and RAD issues in many posts – please check them out). My heart is to come along side, encourage and comfort all the parents out there who are frustrated and discouraged in your parenting journey.

I’ve also started a support group for the parents of adoptive and special needs children. We meet in a local school that has the special needs department in which their children attend. (I will refer to this group later on in this post).

Today’s post is about special needs and inspirational web sites. My intention is to help parents who have biological or adopted special needs children. My last post was about the same thing. Please have a look.


Special needs and Inspirational Web Sites:

 Like I said in my last post – I have found some pretty inspirational web sites to encourage parents who have special needs children. It’s important to get the help and encouragement we need for ourselves and our children. In both posts (todays and my last post) the creators of each web site are motivational speakers, singers, supporters or encouragers. There are other sites that are connected to ministries across the US who lend parents local help. As a result – parents can find local help instead of needing to travel so far for the resources they need. is one such site. (I wrote about this site in my last post. Please have a look)


Web Sites:

  1. – The creator of this site is Rev. Cordell Brown and he has cerebral palsy. He is a speaker and has a ministry called echoing hills which educates special needs students how to transition from high school into college or life in society. He has written a book called “I Am What I Am by the Grace of God.” The school where I have my support group is in the process of bringing Rev. Cordell Brown in to speak at a school chapel. This will be good for the main stream and special needs student bodies as well as the school teachers and leaders. Then he will speak to the parents of my support group in the evening.
  2. http:/./ – All her contact info is here. Jennifer Shaw is the woman who created this site and ministry. She is the mother of a special needs child, a singer and an author. The title of her book is “Life Not Typical.” She has taken the struggles of being a mother of a special needs child’s and became an inspirational speaker. (She does charge a speaker’s fee). I am in the process of possibly bringing her in to speak to my support group.
  3. is another ministry that has many resources. When I checked them out I was specifically looking for a ministry that provided respite care. Parents of special needs children need personal time and rest. In this ministry they have another ministry called They educate churches in providing respite care to weary parents of special needs children. Please look into this site if you or your church are wanting to step into this kind of ministry.
  4. – This ministry educates churches how to welcome and include the special needs and disability persons into the body of Christ. This site has blogs, kits, resources, cd’s and videos for educational purposes.



In conclusion – I wanted to help parents out there find helpful web sites and resources. The web sites in this and my last post have a wide variety of information and resources that cover a large range of help for the special needs families. I hope you will find the answers you are looking for.


Please leave a comment in the box below. I would love to converse with you! Until my next post…


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