Self Help for the Parent of the RAD Adopted Child

 Helping Your Soul and Spirit:


 This blog is for the families out there struggling with the symptoms of RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) in your foster or adopted child. I have written many posts about the subject. Please have a look.

My last post was titled “Keeping a Few Steps Ahead of RAD”. I gave a couple examples of what to do and the insights as to why it’s necessary to stay ahead. Your child desperately needs you to lead!

Today I’m going to give you some resources that have been beneficial to me in my journey with RAD. Most of the resources aren’t about parenting as much as personal spiritual growth, healing and encouragment for your soul and spirit. It is my opinion – the healthier the parent – the healthier the RAD child. So, I gathered and experienced as many different resources to feed my soul and spirit as I could in my journey through adoption and RAD.

Resources: (all of the resources are Christian sites except number one)


       CD’s, DVD’s and Books:

  1. Dr. Keck’s books on parenting the hurt child. It’s about parenting the RAD child. It gives a list of RAD symptoms. I believe it can be purchased on Amazon.
  2. Any resources from Graham Cooke. He is a Prophet and his information is very helpful to heal the soul. He has gone through healing himself and has a very gentle approach to helping others. His resources are found at brilliant
  3. There is a sight on line called Elijah list you can join for daily prophetic words of encouragement (For your-self and for the nation). This is a very insightful site.
  4. Patricia King at She is a prophet and all her resources are helpful for healing the soul and lifting the spirit. Her prophetic resources are phenomenal! She has so many topics but I suppose the best are the Glory School and the prophetic cd’s and workbooks.
  5. is another sight with good resources. They are located in Redding, California. Anything in their store by Danny Silk, Bill Johnson, Chris Vallotton, or the DVDs called Sozo will be helpful. They want to help families succeed and have more meaningful relationships. Their worship music is wonderful too.
  6. Book by Jonathan Welton called “The School of the Seer”. It teaches you how to see in the spirit like the prophets did in the Bible. (For example the book of Revelation in the New Testament is all seeing a vision) This book can be purchased on Amazon.
  7. Arthur Burk has many cd’s that are helpful in understanding yourself and those around you. I would suggest the “Redemptive Gift” and “Blessing Your Spirit” cd’s to begin with. The redemptive gift cd’s are about the seven gifts that are found in the book of Romans (12:6-8) that are basically seven “personalities.” This set helped my husband and I understand each other exponentially better! The cd’s can be purchased on Amazon.
  8. Book by Joy Chickonoski called “Becoming Lovers”. It is a devotional type book that helps the reader gain a more close relationship with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This book is about a relationship with the Trinity that is spirit to spirit – as the Bible teaches. I found it very inspirational because it touches the soul and spirit deeply. It can be purchased at
  9. Music: Any music by John Belt, Cathy Mart, Julie True, and Terri Geisel. All of these music artists have very soothing music that calms and are good to play when you’re having your quiet time with the Lord. They are all Christian artists and most of their music is instrumental.



 The best way to face the effects of RAD is to be refreshed and healed yourself. The above resources will help you accomplish such a goal. Please look into these resources to gain understanding first for yourself and then for understanding about those around you.

I would love for you to comment in the box below so we can converse about adoption, RAD or other topics having to do with your adoptive family. Next week I’ll be talking about why your RAD adopted child is attracted to witchcraft. Until then…

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