Adoption, RAD and Special Needs: Part Two:

Adoption, RAD and Special Needs:


        Hi all. This blog is typically about adoption and RAD adoption issues. RAD stands for Reactive Attachment Disorder. (I’ve written about adoption and RAD issues in many posts – please check them out). My heart is to come along side, encourage and comfort all the parents out there who are frustrated and discouraged in your parenting journey.

I’ve also started a support group for the parents of adoptive and special needs children. We meet in a local school that has the special needs department in which their children attend. (I will refer to this group later on in this post).

Today’s post is about special needs and inspirational web sites. My intention is to help parents who have biological or adopted special needs children. My last post was about the same thing. Please have a look.


Special needs and Inspirational Web Sites:

 Like I said in my last post – I have found some pretty inspirational web sites to encourage parents who have special needs children. It’s important to get the help and encouragement we need for ourselves and our children. In both posts (todays and my last post) the creators of each web site are motivational speakers, singers, supporters or encouragers. There are other sites that are connected to ministries across the US who lend parents local help. As a result – parents can find local help instead of needing to travel so far for the resources they need. is one such site. (I wrote about this site in my last post. Please have a look)


Web Sites:

  1. – The creator of this site is Rev. Cordell Brown and he has cerebral palsy. He is a speaker and has a ministry called echoing hills which educates special needs students how to transition from high school into college or life in society. He has written a book called “I Am What I Am by the Grace of God.” The school where I have my support group is in the process of bringing Rev. Cordell Brown in to speak at a school chapel. This will be good for the main stream and special needs student bodies as well as the school teachers and leaders. Then he will speak to the parents of my support group in the evening.
  2. http:/./ – All her contact info is here. Jennifer Shaw is the woman who created this site and ministry. She is the mother of a special needs child, a singer and an author. The title of her book is “Life Not Typical.” She has taken the struggles of being a mother of a special needs child’s and became an inspirational speaker. (She does charge a speaker’s fee). I am in the process of possibly bringing her in to speak to my support group.
  3. is another ministry that has many resources. When I checked them out I was specifically looking for a ministry that provided respite care. Parents of special needs children need personal time and rest. In this ministry they have another ministry called They educate churches in providing respite care to weary parents of special needs children. Please look into this site if you or your church are wanting to step into this kind of ministry.
  4. – This ministry educates churches how to welcome and include the special needs and disability persons into the body of Christ. This site has blogs, kits, resources, cd’s and videos for educational purposes.



In conclusion – I wanted to help parents out there find helpful web sites and resources. The web sites in this and my last post have a wide variety of information and resources that cover a large range of help for the special needs families. I hope you will find the answers you are looking for.


Please leave a comment in the box below. I would love to converse with you! Until my next post…


Adoption, RAD and Special Needs Part One:

Adoption, RAD and Special Needs:


 This blog is about helping foster and adoptive families that have RAD children. It is my heart to give encouragement to adoptive parents that are finding adoption and RAD issues difficult and overwhelming. Please take a moment to read some of my other posts.

My last post was titled “Why are RAD Adopted Children Attracted to Witchcraft?” (Please have a look) It has everything to do with a vow(s) they have made in their hearts.

Today I am going off the beaten path to talk on a subject that is becoming near and dear to my heart. The subject is special needs. There will be two posts on this topic.


Special Needs and Inspirational Websites:

 It has been my good pleasure to start a support group for adoptive families and families with special needs children. Many times the two are combined. I  love to hear the parents talk, pray, and encourage each other. I also provide speakers who address the needs of important adoption and special need issues the parents are facing.

For the sake of this post I am focusing on some web sites that I have found encouraging to the families of special needs children whether adopted or biological.


  1. – It was started by Kara Ferris and this site gives inspirational stories about special needs children and the battles they have overcome. Kara has a blog on this site and her posts are very encouraging. There are also videos and many other resources. I watched a video about an autistic girl who was taught to use the computer to communicate. When she became affluent on the computer – her parents asked why she regularly flew into a rage. She typed that she feels very hot or feels like bugs are crawling all over her. Throwing herself on the floor, rolling and screaming is the only way she knows how to deal with it. Now she has her own blog in which parents from all over the world ask her for answers to their questions. What a ministry!
  2. – This site has resources, family retreats, encouraging posts from Joni E. Tata, a children’s section for special needs kids, and so much more. You have to go to this site to experience it fully. Joni and Friends partners with families and organizations in order to connect them to local ministries and speakers from all over the US….I was able to connect with the Ohio representative from Joni and Friends and she came and spoke at my support group. She was a very informative and I connected her to a local school that has a special needs department. What a good fit. The Ohio representative brought resources the school is going to use to educate the main stream student body about the special needs student body (for better comradery). She also directed us to a local ministry which educates the special needs student in translating into society after high school. It was a win-win for all concerned.



        I have a few more web sites to share with you in next week’s post. I hope the above sites lift your spirits just as they have lifted mine. It is so important to find solutions for the difficulties we are facing and the web sites I’m sharing in these two posts do have many answers. If anything, these web sites communicate hope and education to parents all across the US.

    This is all for today. I hope you find them helpful!! Thanks for listening. Please leave a comment below because I would love to hear from you. Until next week….

Why is the RAD Adopted Child Attracted to Witchcraft?

Attraction to Witchcraft


 It is my heart’s desire to help the adoptive and foster families with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) children. That is what this blog is about. My aim is to talk about different topics pertaining to life as an adoptive/foster parent. I hope to make a connection to those of you out there who have adopted RAD children – who find yourselves navigating through adoption life with difficulty.

My last post was titled “Self Help for the Parent of the RAD Child.” I gave resources that will help the adoptive/foster parent heal their soul and encourage their spirit. The adopted child needs a healthy parent to depend on so they can find their healing.

Today I am going to discuss the attraction some adopted children have to witchcraft. I understand we are living in an age where there is a craving for the paranormal. But some of the reasoning and desire is different for the RAD adopted child. Please understand many children who have been wounded or traumatized by life – look to witchcraft as a means of protection and power. Trauma, rejection, and abandonment cause many emotional adverse effects to the recipient. But for the sake of this post – I am going to zero in on why the RAD adopted child specifically is attracted to witchcraft.


The Vow:

 In past posts I have talked about the vow the adopted RAD child makes: Their birth mom has given them away – and even as a little infant – they decide that the pain is too much to bear again. So, they vow to not allow any one near their hearts to love them. No one is allowed into their emotions to make a relational connection. They spend their life desiring love but expend tremendous amounts of energy holding everyone at arms length to prevent getting wounded again. They reject everyone on the planet because they don’t want to relive the pain their birth mother caused.


The Motivation Behind the Witchcraft:

 Even though the RAD adopted child has good reasons for the vow they hold – it obviously doesn’t produce a healthy perspective on life or promote living in loving and life giving relationships. So, they continue living life alone on the inside – even though they may be surrounded by love ones who care. This is so sad!!

The RAD adopted child then becomes self-absorbed, a-moral (deciding their own rules, morals, and kingdom), and often times narcissistic. The “root of fear” produced by the initial experience with their birth mother’s rejection, abandonment, and wounding – causes them to depend on themselves ONLY to get their needs met. They decide they are the only one strong enough to make themselves safe.


Power and Witchcraft:

 As the RAD adopted child grows up they still have this root of fear and vow influencing everything they do. They learn to use their “power of influence” to meet their needs and get what they want. This counteracts the fear and narcissism starts to develop. They live in their own little world – developing their ability to control. They charm, manipulate, influence and revolve around themselves. The more they do this the more powerful they think they’re becoming.

To the RAD adopted child – power and strength means safety so it is no wonder they become attracted to witchcraft. It is their means to an end to get their needs met, and to feel less fearful by growing more powerful. This produces their own safety. They grow to like the power and strength they “think” is manipulating others’ lives by performing witchcraft rituals and incantations, etc.



 The sad thing about this: If they permitted their souls to be healed of their vow – they wouldn’t have to live life alone. They wouldn’t have to meet their own needs and would let others in to love and protected them. Witchcraft meets their need to feel safe, strong and in charge. It makes them feel powerful…I have to be very honest here – this vow has got to go!!


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Self Help for the Parent of the RAD Adopted Child

 Helping Your Soul and Spirit:


 This blog is for the families out there struggling with the symptoms of RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) in your foster or adopted child. I have written many posts about the subject. Please have a look.

My last post was titled “Keeping a Few Steps Ahead of RAD”. I gave a couple examples of what to do and the insights as to why it’s necessary to stay ahead. Your child desperately needs you to lead!

Today I’m going to give you some resources that have been beneficial to me in my journey with RAD. Most of the resources aren’t about parenting as much as personal spiritual growth, healing and encouragment for your soul and spirit. It is my opinion – the healthier the parent – the healthier the RAD child. So, I gathered and experienced as many different resources to feed my soul and spirit as I could in my journey through adoption and RAD.

Resources: (all of the resources are Christian sites except number one)


       CD’s, DVD’s and Books:

  1. Dr. Keck’s books on parenting the hurt child. It’s about parenting the RAD child. It gives a list of RAD symptoms. I believe it can be purchased on Amazon.
  2. Any resources from Graham Cooke. He is a Prophet and his information is very helpful to heal the soul. He has gone through healing himself and has a very gentle approach to helping others. His resources are found at brilliant
  3. There is a sight on line called Elijah list you can join for daily prophetic words of encouragement (For your-self and for the nation). This is a very insightful site.
  4. Patricia King at She is a prophet and all her resources are helpful for healing the soul and lifting the spirit. Her prophetic resources are phenomenal! She has so many topics but I suppose the best are the Glory School and the prophetic cd’s and workbooks.
  5. is another sight with good resources. They are located in Redding, California. Anything in their store by Danny Silk, Bill Johnson, Chris Vallotton, or the DVDs called Sozo will be helpful. They want to help families succeed and have more meaningful relationships. Their worship music is wonderful too.
  6. Book by Jonathan Welton called “The School of the Seer”. It teaches you how to see in the spirit like the prophets did in the Bible. (For example the book of Revelation in the New Testament is all seeing a vision) This book can be purchased on Amazon.
  7. Arthur Burk has many cd’s that are helpful in understanding yourself and those around you. I would suggest the “Redemptive Gift” and “Blessing Your Spirit” cd’s to begin with. The redemptive gift cd’s are about the seven gifts that are found in the book of Romans (12:6-8) that are basically seven “personalities.” This set helped my husband and I understand each other exponentially better! The cd’s can be purchased on Amazon.
  8. Book by Joy Chickonoski called “Becoming Lovers”. It is a devotional type book that helps the reader gain a more close relationship with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This book is about a relationship with the Trinity that is spirit to spirit – as the Bible teaches. I found it very inspirational because it touches the soul and spirit deeply. It can be purchased at
  9. Music: Any music by John Belt, Cathy Mart, Julie True, and Terri Geisel. All of these music artists have very soothing music that calms and are good to play when you’re having your quiet time with the Lord. They are all Christian artists and most of their music is instrumental.



 The best way to face the effects of RAD is to be refreshed and healed yourself. The above resources will help you accomplish such a goal. Please look into these resources to gain understanding first for yourself and then for understanding about those around you.

I would love for you to comment in the box below so we can converse about adoption, RAD or other topics having to do with your adoptive family. Next week I’ll be talking about why your RAD adopted child is attracted to witchcraft. Until then…