What Power is Behind You VS. RAD? – Part Three:

Seven Fold Spirit of God



Hello everyone! For those who have just found this blog I am Laurie and this blog is to help foster and adoptive families dealing with RAD issues. Our family has experienced the difficulties of RAD. I want to come alongside you and express what I’ve discovered. Please go back and read previous posts to get more acquainted with my purpose through the information available at Abba Father and His Love.

My last two posts were about the seven fold Holy Spirit—the power behind you on your journey. The first post of this four part series specifically talks about the Spirit of Wisdom. The second addresses the other six parts of Holy Spirit. In this post I want to culminate these aspects of the Holy Spirit so you can grasp the power behind you as you face RAD in your family. There will be a fourth part to this series next week.


Pulling It All Together:

 I would encourage you to read through Psalm and Proverbs in the Bible. It seems to have the greatest descriptions of the seven parts that make up the Holy Spirit. It also puts Holy Spirit in the light of the third “Person” of the Trinity/Godhead. Acts has some pretty amazing descriptions also.

It is so important to know you have three “Persons” that are helping you in your time of need. The combination of the “Three Persons” of the Trinity/Godhead are astounding and cover every need that surfaces in your life. Please read further to understand what I mean.


Who They Are and What Do They Do? :

 Father God – He is the Father of the universe and yet He wants you as His family member. He wants you to have a close relationship with Him and depend on Him as your protector, provider and the one who develops your identity. He looks at you with loving eyes and draws you to Him with kindness and grace. He can’t stop loving you.


Jesus – He said yes to Father God when the world needed a Savior.. He died the most gruesome death so you and I could live in a new covenant that includes eternal life. When we accept Him we become His bride and a son/daughter of God. His blood covers all our sins so we can have a new beginning and He will come and take us with Him and to heaven at the end of the age. He can’t stop loving us either.


The Third “Person” of the Trinity:

 The Trinity are all about family but the Holy Spirit is who this post is about. I am going to break down each part of the Holy Spirit to make Holy Spirit practical to your everyday life. That sounds sac-religious, but that is the farthest thing from what I’m trying to accomplish here. I’m intending the exact opposite.

When we are in the thick of what is negatively happening in our home because of adoption RAD, we need to have the Holy Spirit to draw upon. The seven parts of the Holy Spirit are exactly what we need in the midst of conflict.

In the last post – I gave you some scriptures that put each part of the Holy Spirit in the light of a person. I did that intentionally because He is a person. He is our helper, comforter, nurturer, and teacher. The New Testament has several scriptures that say so.

As I break this down, please try to apply what I’m saying to your everyday practical lives. It will take practice to learn to stop and include the Holy Spirit into the present pressing conflict and apply what you know of Holy Spirit.

(Isa. 11:2 and Rev.4:5 are the scriptural references I’m using as the foundation for the Holy Spirit having seven parts)


Spirit of the Lord:

 The Spirit of the Lord is on you, in you, and gives you life and liberty. He will teach you all things and will bring all things to your remembrance. He searches all things, intercedes for us and quickens us.

If that is only part of what Holy Spirit is to us or does for us – He is truly amazing. I have only given you just a few scriptures about Him. Please study farther about the Spirit of the Lord. I’m sure you’ll find more.


When you’re in the trenches with the RAD symptoms and feel alone, discouraged, and confused as to what to do – Holy   Spirit is the one in you that brings all things to remembrance, gives liberty and searches all things. Ask Him what to do and say.


Spirit of Wisdom:

 She is awesome (please see part one of this series for more information on wisdom than what’s written here). We are to love her like God does because He says she is Supreme (Wisdom is referred to as a She in scripture). She loves us, loves creation and will pour her heart out to us if we love her. There are so many more things Wisdom is and does. Because God puts so much emphasis on Wisdom and gaining what she has – we should too!


Get Wisdom! She will help you in every situation. She is at every path, gate, entrance and city. She calls to you – answer her call. Her value is great and she loves you and your child deeply.


Spirit of Understanding:

 He helps us acquire discipline, prudence and doing what is right, just and fair. He helps us understand the fear of the Lord and we are blesses when we find him and wisdom.  He is our kinsman and we are to walk in His ways. He is a fountain of life and he helps us hold our tongues. If we cherish Him we will prosper and will be able to draw out the deep things in others. He keeps us from the company of the dead and establishes our house.


We need all of the above to get through to an adopted RAD child. We especially need our house established. Ask for Understanding into your situations. He has “understanding” beyond our capabilities and we need all the help we can get. Through His help we can draw out the deep things in our child and help them.


 Spirit of Counsel:

 He belongs to wisdom and if we receive Him we have wisdom too.


All the scriptures having to do with counsel have to do with wisdom. Check out my first post of this series because the whole thing was about Wisdom.

Again, in the middle of a situation, wisdom and counsel are willing to help us navigate the hard issues that we come face-to-face with.


I will continue with the Spirits of Might, Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord next time in Part Four and bring everything to a conclusion. Thanks for listening.


If you have a comment please make it in the box below. Nice talking to you. See you next week…

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