Getting Rid of Ungodly Soul Ties

Ungodly Soul Ties:


In my last post I talked about how to tell if you have an ungodly soul tie to someone in your life. (Please check it out ) In this post I am going to go through the steps of getting rid of ungodly soul ties. This relates to the mission of my blog because it’s possible to develop ungodly soul ties to our adopted child.

Imagine an ungodly soul tie as a hook in your soul that is attached to a rope. On the other end of the rope is another hook that is hooked into another person’s soul.  This keeps the two of your souls attached to each other in a way that is not healthy. Please understand it is normal to be tied to another person—healthy bonding is the ultimate goal in any relationship. A problem emerges when the tie becomes “ungodly” and puts the other person in the wrong place in your heart or prevents you from thinking without their voice in your head. Remember that God always gets the first slot in your heart. If there is anyone in that slot, there is a very probable chance you have an ungodly soul tie to them. Breaking ungodly soul ties will be good for you, the person you are tied to and your relationship with them.


Steps to Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties:

 1)      Be honest with yourself about what has gone on in your life. Breaking an ungodly soul tie with someone is not saying they are bad. They probably did the best they knew how in the parenting department (if your ungodly soul tie is to your parent). Or maybe the person was pretty mean and controlling and you need a separation from their influence to think independently. Whichever is your story, the first step to healing and moving forward into wholeness is being real with yourself about what is truly going on.

2)     The next step is to connect (in prayer) with the Trinity. They play the role of healer. In a previous post I have talked about allowing the Trinity to heal us and the avenue they use is “seeing in the spirit realm.” (Please check out my post on seeing in the spirit)

3)    The point of breaking an ungodly soul tie is to give back all the things that they gave you that DIDN’T BELONG TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. There may be a list of things that you will need to give back.

Here are some examples:

  • Giving back all their control and manipulation that seems to be effecting you now.
  • All the negative words that they spoke to you or the verbal and emotional abuse they couldn’t seem to keep to themselves.
  • Give back all the silent treatment and punishment that they gave you even when you didn’t do anything that deserved such treatment.
  • You could give back all the time you wasted on hoping they would say or do something that made you feel valuable and of some worth.
  • They may have been a person that expressed their feelings with anger and rage. Give them back both the anger and rage… (This list could be very long so when you have exhausted the list then move on to the next step)

4)    Take back all the things that you should have had. Here are some examples:

      • Take back your ability to make a decision.
      • Take back your peace of mind and independence.
      • Take your significance back with the ability to work with your spouse to decide what is good for your family.
      • Your self-worth, time, privacy, job, place in the community, dignity, innocence, and many more topics are all yours and should have been from the beginning.  Take them all back till you can’t think of another topic.

5)      Here is where you invite the Holy Spirit to come and take the hook out of your soul. He will and then ask Him to heal the spot where the hook was. This is done so there won’t be a hole in your soul.

6)      Next, ask the Holy Spirit to give you back all of your soul that the other person may have taken from you. Again, the point is to make your soul whole so you’re able to receive love to the point of satisfaction, even overflowing. This allows you to love from a place of abundance instead of lack.

7)      Put God first in your heart and then place everyone else where they should be.

8)      The last step is very important. You need to forgive the person you had an ungodly soul tie with to be totally free. (I’ve talked about forgiveness in a previous post – please check it out) Un-forgiveness is a way an ungodly soul tie can stick with you, even if you went through all the steps.

Being a life coach, I have seen this process work. So, take a chance and break your ungodly soul tie. Put everyone in the right place in your heart and then forgive the person. You’ll gain a supernatural release which is freeing. 

Do You Have an Ungodly Soul Tie to Your Adopted Child?  

Can you answer this question honestly? If you can and if you do have an ungodly soul tie with your adopted child – it’s not too late. Do the steps in the above paragraphs including repenting for being the voice in their head.  Then accept your freedom. If your child or anyone else is in the place in your heart they shouldn’t be, repent and put God first. Align the other people in the right place. It will bring freedom in your life and it will heal your relationship with your adopted child too.    

In my next post I will continue with another healing tool – so check back next week… Please connect with me by putting a comment in the comment section of this post. I would love to chat with you!! Till then…

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