Body Soul and Spirit

RAD and Your Body Soul and Spirit Wounds:

We finished my last blog talking about the trinity window. See below:

(Note: When I refer to the soul needs, please understand I am talking about body, soul and spirit needs.)


                                                   Trinity Window


                                             Body,  Soul & Spirit Needs

Relationship                                                                                       Trinity

Father —————–Care (provision) ———–Father God      

                                                     Condition (protection)

                                                     Character (identity)                            

Siblings/friends ——– Companionship ————Jesus


Mother —————Comfort ——————-Holy Spirit

                                                   Coach (teach)

                                                   Cultivate (nurture)


If the soul needs don’t get met by the relationships we have when we are growing up, then the trinity wants to heal us of our soul wounds. Each of the trinity are responsible for each category of soul needs. They can intentionally further your growth or heal any stunted maturity resulting from a lack or wound left by your friends or family.


So how does this happen?

Most of us are aware of five our senses we use to connect and learn from our surroundings. These senses are taste, touch, smell, hear and sight. As Jonathan Welton points out in his book “School of the Seer,” we actually have fifteen senses. Our body, soul and spirit each have their own five senses. (By the way I highly recommend this book!)

Jonathan talks about “flipping the switch” in reference to stepping into the ability of “Seeing In the Spirit.” Let me break this down a bit. In the Old Testament there were two categories of the prophetic – Prophet and Seer. The Prophet spoke what was on the heart of Father God. The Seer saw visions and dreams that expressed the heart of Father God. In the New Testament, there is no distinction between the Prophet and Seer gifting.


Seer Gifting

The way the trinity chooses to communicate to us is through our spiritual senses. We use our own spirit– with the guidance of the Holy Spirit–to taste, touch, smell, hear and see the Trinity. Scripture says “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” This “taste” occurs in the spirit realm because we can’t literally taste God. At this point, I would like to delve into the Seer gifting and talk about how it applies to our process of healing.

God is still the imaginative God He was in the beginning when He created all of the earth and the heavens. He wants to communicate to us in the most creative ways and the venue He chooses to use is our senses.

This applies to the trinity window above in that we get the PRIVILEDGE of experiencing Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit in a very intimate (meaning a close relationship and not a perverted one), loving and healing way through our senses.

If you have accepted Jesus into your heart as Lord and Savior then you also have the Holy Spirit there to help you, too. Remember, Holy Spirit is personally here to teach, comfort and nurture you. You were also born with an imagination but when you receive Jesus and therefore the Holy Spirit, then they help you use your imagination in a PURE way. The results is a relationship connection with the trinity to receive healing to your body, soul, and spirit. So, this separates your imagination from fantasy imagination (an unrealistic and improbable act of supposing) so a pure Holy Spirit led imagination can happen.


The Trinity speaks to us in this pure imagination to bring several things:


  • Healing and freedom
  • Close relationship to the Trinity
  • Wisdom
  • Revelation
  • Adventure
  • Truth
  • Understanding
  • Knowledge
  • Counsel
  • Strength
  • Peace
  • Life
  • Faith
  • Grace
  • And much more


So How Does All This Happen?

Just like developing any other gift, skill or ability this takes intentional practice!! Begin by asking the Holy Spirit to help you focus. Holy Spirit is our teacher and is very powerful, purposeful, and patient. He wants you to have a relationship with the Trinity more than you can imagine. He is there to help you in this journey of experiencing the Trinity through your five spiritual senses. There is a whole realm to explore and experience that you maybe haven’t even thought of until this point in your life.

We have to assume that if the Trinity created us for a family relationship with them – they will help us in our quest. Back to the seer book mentioned above: In this book it talks about asking God to sanctify your fifteen senses. This is an important step. You must ask God to sanctify your fifteen senses, then ask Holy Spirit to help and guide you.


Every Wound has a Lie(s) Attached to it:

Now that we’ve discussed briefly how to connect with God using our fifteen senses, I’d like to talk about one of the purposes of connecting with God in this personal way. When we are wounded in our soul, those wounds attract lies and deception like a magnet. Experiencing God with our fifteen senses allows for His truth to unravel satan’s lies in an experiential and powerful way. God has every truth in His Kingdom and He loves undoing the lies and speaking the truth. His Kingdom supersedes satan’s kingdom hands down every time if we surrender to the healing hearts of the Trinity. The only kingdom that speaks lies is satan’s because scripture says he comes to steal, kill and destroy. I’m sure we all can say that the lies in our lives have destroyed many relationships.

I want to make something crystal clear: We do not war against flesh and blood, but “against principalities, powers and authorities of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”(Ephesians 6:12) Yes, the people (flesh and blood) in our lives may betray us, speak lies that cause us to not trust them and so forth. They need to take responsibility for their actions! But that is between them and God. On the other hand, we do need to recognize when a person is acting out because there is a dung hill of lies they are believing – driving them to behave differently than who God created them to be.

Satan loves to bring destruction in relationships and uses lies and wounds to do so. From this point forward, I’d encourage you to consider the hurt or betrayal in your life as vehicles that satan wants to use to bring destruction. But, as scripture says, everything that satan means for evil, God means for good. In surrendering to God’s purpose and inviting His healing into all of your relational hurt, the very thing meant to harm you will drive you to a closer walk with God. This also creates a more meaningful and authentic relationship with others.



 This is where forgiveness comes in. When someone wounds us and it causes a lie in our sou. It is our responsibility to take care of our own lies. No one else can clean up the lies we carry. Plus, unforgiveness causes us to stay attached to the offender – holding us hostage to the wounding and keeping us from our own freedom.

When our adopted girls rejected my husband and me it inflicted soul wounds and we had to purposely forgive and let the trinity heal us. Maybe you are going through the same wounding with your adopted child? I would like to help!!

 I want to allow you to chew on the above thoughts until my next post. Please leave a comment in the box below. Talk to you next week…..

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